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Mary has practiced physical therapy for 21 years in rural Nevada. She has seen a wide variety of patient over the years. They range in age from newborn to 104 years old and their health struggles have been just as varied.

Mary started this clinic to spend time with her patients and give them the care they need without having insurance dictate what treatment they could have.

We believe in working with each patient one on one to find out what it is that they want to achieve and devise a plan that let's the patient become an active part of transforming their own life. It is all about a partnership with the patient and providing the guidance and care needed to help them get their life back.

Mary Bengoa, PT, MS

Musculoskeletal Specialist

Mary loves her job and is inspired by seeing people work to get active and healthy again.

She wants to be the physical therapist you trust when you decide that you need help to get back to your life.

Our Therapist

We are passionate about patient care and rely on our 21 years of experience and
expertise in physical therapy to help you heal, recover, stay fit and be active.

Mary Bengoa

Ready to serve you with 21 years of experience.


Email :maryb@bengoapt.com

Mary is amazing! She really takes the time to get to know her patients and their bodies. You don't feel like just another appointment on the books! It's great to be in the hands of someone who really cares.

Kaeloni Desmond

Mary Bengoa has been my physical therapist for many years. She helped me recover from a knee injury and is currently helping me with my neck and nerve pain. I appreciate that Mary takes time to listen to my concerns. She is knowledgeable. It amazes me how much she knows!! She also remembers the things we discuss and makes a real effort to help me get better. She has spent many hours searching for solutions to help me (because my symptoms have been so severe and atypical.). She has been my biggest advocate and has fought to get me better. I can't thank her enough.

Sally Mills

Mary Bengoa is an amazing therapist! Not only does she work on her patients the whole session, she uses numerous modalities to help improve their range of motion and decrease pain. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone needing physical therapy.

Megan Gates

Bengoa Physical Therapy helps motivated people find or return to the active life they want without unnecessary medications, injections or surgeries.


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